Not a good fit?

The best CEO Focus leaders are seasoned business pros who enjoy helping other businesses grow by sharing their expertise. Successful leaders are part coach, part consultant, part facilitator.

They not only can do great work with clients but have the well-rounded business expertise to use a marketing process to add members when needed. CEO Focus is not a pure coaching opportunity and it’s not a typical consulting opportunity either. Clients can engage the leader to perform in-depth consulting or simply attend the monthly meetings.

More Details

CEO Focus is a peer group of like-mined business owners working together in an informal board of directors format.

Typical members are 80% B2B and 20% B2C spanning hundreds of vertical categories and nearly every business type imaginable. Most member organizations are 5-100 employees and $1MM – $50MM in revenue.

Business owners join to:

  • Aid in better decision-making
  • Get access to best and worst practices
  • Have a support network of people who “get” business ownership
  • End the isolation of business ownership (who can the business owner talk to at work?)
  • Create a strategic rhythm by consistently engaging in high-level discussions each month instead of getting lost in the day-to-day business
  • Learn innovative tactics and strategies from CEO Focus members around the globe
  • Become a better CEO

Membership consists of a monthly half-day group meeting plus and individual one-on-one session with the group leader. Clients can engage the group leader to perform additional consulting if needed.

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