Skill Question #1

Successful CEO Focus leaders have a particular skill set. Ask yourself the following questions to see if you have the “right stuff.”

Do I have a wealth of business experience, and would CEO Focus members benefit from my experience and wisdom?

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Skills needed to be a successful CEO Focus leader are:

  • Well-rounded business expertise
  • Confidence in your ability to help business owners
  • A desire to see businesses grow
  • Business owners will see you as a peer worthy of sharing ideas with
  • Ownership mentality
  • Calculated risk-taker
  • Occasional rule-breaker
  • Previous P & L responsibility (a plus)
  • Good sales and marketing instincts
  • Experience managing, training, and hiring employees
  • Enough education and experience, to be viewed as a valued source of information for business owners
  • Very comfortable “calling people out” on their issues
  • Well read

No, Are you sure?

You must be able to stand toe-to-toe with business owners in order to gain their respect. From this gained respect, you will become a trusted advisor. As a trusted advisor you can provide extraordinary value to the business owner.

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